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Here are the services- current descriptions (may change), service duration and cost.

Haircut complete Consultation, shampoo, conditioning, haircut, simple blow-dry.1 hour Starting at $40
Child Haircut ages 0-12. No shampoo, no stying. Spray and cut, or clipper cut.

30 minutes Starting at $10

child’s first ever haircut A complimentary haircut for your little someone. You will receive an envelope with a clipping of your child’s hair as a keepsake of the event.

30 minutes Free

Haircut Only clipper cut, dry hair, no shampoo. Still a precision cut, no frills.

30 minutes Starting at $25

Bang Trim/Hairline Cleanup a quick maintenance between regular appointments, free to existing customers.

15 minutes Free

Miscellaneous service 1 hour Price Varies